Behind La Isla Collection

La Isla Collection

Escape in the sexiest paradise ever found. Ever since I have use of memory I remember my mom in bikinis. When I was just a baby, she and her friends would make matching bikinis for them and their daughters. I grew up around a culture of appreciation around small bikinis that still translates into my designs today.

La Isla is a compilation of my earliest memories from living on the island of Margarita in the Caribbean. 80s influence was flooding the beaches of Venezuela and the world in the early 2000’s. Neon colors, high cuts and cheeky styles - I loved it. Today, we’re starting to rekindle our love from the 80s, so I decided to create a collection inspired by this amazing decade.

Of course, I needed help with someone who lived through the 80s themselves: my mom (and her friends!) so I sat down with them and created my two newest designs: The 007 One Piece (which went viral with over 5 MILLION views on TikTok!) and the 004 Set.

The vibrant colors are reminiscent of the dopamine dressing trend we see now post-pandemic mixed with the nostalgic tones of the 80s. High cuts, daring silhouettes and cheeky backs are sure to grab some attention and start conversations.

I hope you love this collection as much as I do - I know these new styles will become Tinye Swim Staples!