Inspiring you to dive deep

Learn about what inspired the Barrier Reef Collection

The great Barrier Reef in Australia is home to over 2,000 different species and supports 25% of all marine life in the world. Tinye Swimwear is dedicated to providing information and resources about the current condition of our reefs and how important it is for us to care for them.

Did you know? The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space and is the world's biggest single structure made by living organisms.

Coral reefs around the world face daily challenges including runoff, climate change and coral bleaching. The Great Barrier Reef has lost more than half its coral cover since 1985.

Learn more about this Natural Wonder of the World and how you can help here: Environmental Protection Agency, GBRMPANational Ocean Service, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.

Naming our suits

Our beautiful array of colors reflects the multicolor ecosystem that lies within the surface of the Great Barrier Reef. Each suit is named after different types of corals that face environmental threats every day.

SIREN - The stunning red color is given the name of "precious coral" amongst the Corallium genus. Red corals are usually found on rocky sea bottoms mainly in the Mediterranean Sea. Intensive fishing has damaged this species, causing colonies at depths of less than 50 meters to be diminished. Fishing and now climate change threaten their persistence.

OPORA - This name derives from the scientifically correct name of "Acropora". This type of coral is found in the Indo-Pacific and the Caribbean. As of 2014, the Acropora species is listed as threatened. Most corals of this species are brown or green, but the very few bright colored ones are prized by aquarists, making them very unique and valuable.

LOKANI - Lokani is a species of the genus Acropora. They are found in the Great Barrier Reef as well as other points in the Indo-Pacific, mostly in shallow waters. These corals are characterized by upright strong branches. The IUCN classifies the species as vulnerable in its Red List of Threatened Species.

ZOA - Our neon pink color was inspired by Zoanthids, corals commonly found in coral reefs and other marine ecosystems. Most Zoanthids have crazy, funky and colorful designs; making them a great sight anywhere they grow. Some zoanthids contain the highly toxic substance palytoxin, so these babies are beautiful but dangerous ;)

AUSSIE - This shade of yellow is made to pay homage to the Great Barrier Reef's home: Australia. Aussie Hammer Corals are found all throughout the Pacific reefs and come in a variety of colors and growth forms. Hammer corals sometimes grow in a wall formation while other hammers grow in a branching formation.

ACAN - Short for Acanthastrea corals, these are one of the most beautifully colored soft coral species. You can find them in the South Pacific Ocean (Philippines, Hong Kong, etc.) Sadly, they may disappear entirely from some degraded reefs and likely to be adversely affected by ocean acidification and climate change.

We hope our line of bikinis inspired by these fascinating creatures spark some interest in coral reef conservation and we can create awareness one bikini at a time <3