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Tinye Swimwear launches new “La Isla” collection.

Tinye Swimwear launches new “La Isla” collection.

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Getting an opportunity to tell the story of not only a brand or collection, but also the designer behind it is always a privilege for me. A lot of the attention usually goes to the created work itself and that’s understandable. When you’re speaking about fashion, you’re talking about hundreds if not thousands of choices that go into making a single piece or entire collection. With that being said however, I do believe the source of interest is the person who is making the decisions. This is where we get the vision, we understand the meaning behind the results, and we have a better understanding as to how to appreciate the finished products.

I’ve followed Tinye Swimwear’s owner and designer Sara Requena before I knew about her brand. Originally, I reached out to work with her as a model for a mood board I’ve been working on since coming to Miami. Timing was never right, but when we did get in sync, it was around the time she was gearing up to launch the “La Isla” collection for her Swimwear brand. This collection was special to Sara because it not only represented the culture of freedom, confidence, and sexiness that comes from her Venezuelan roots, but because the designs were also inspired by bathing suits her mom used to wear at her age. That kind of connection to family and culture gives a personal touch to the pieces that then are translated into the story that hopefully the customers are able to continue themselves.

I make my designs for anyone with the confidence to wear them. I design for the confident woman, the free woman; when you look at my culture we’re free spirited, we’re sexy, and we’re full of life. That’s how I want the women to feel when they wear anything I design. I know for some this collection is a bit revealing, and they may not be comfortable at first, but try it out, you never know, it might just be exactly what you need.