What inspired the Origins collection

Origins Collection

Inspired by the origins of mother earth, the Origins collection pays homage to the basic elements that make up our beautiful planet. In this collection, opposite to the Barrier Reef Collection, you'll find dark tones and earthy hues in the same buttery-soft fabrics you love. This array of brand new styles will fit most body types while highlighting the confidence that lives within each one of us. The message of this collection is loving your two homes: your body and your planet.

The names of each suit represent the tonalities of several landscapes, while the practical styles of each suit allow for this collection to be a timeless array of swimwear.

Boulder - the dark, chocolatey brown resembles neutral dark tones in rocky landscapes

Monsoon - this maroon color reminds me of a thunderstorm during sunset hour. It reminds us to respect and honor mother nature. Knowing that she’s got the power to create and destroy

Evergreen - this deep tone of green represents the rebirth of nature. The buttery-soft green is found in forests, rivers, fields, anywhere life is blooming

Seabed - Ocean lovers beware, this deep blue represents the darkest depths of our unexplored oceans. It hints at the life that thrives in the shadows of the bottoms of our oceans

Pink sand - the way this buttery-soft fabric on the one piece shimmers reminds me of a hot day on a remote beach where the 12 pm sun is hitting at the right angle to make both the sand and the shore sparkle magically

Tierra - this rich brown color represents the essence of our Tierra (Earth in spanish) while the shimmer highlights the magic that lives within Her and You.