Viral: This is the most extreme swimsuit we've seen, and it's sold out

Viral: This is the most extreme swimsuit we've seen, and it's sold out

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"Ass floss", "slingshot", "hair band" or "Borat in Sports' Illustrated" - there are many ways to define the swimsuit that went viral in Tiktok, and tens of thousands of respondents definitely care to do it and wonder who the hell can and would want to wear such a thing . You should ask those who caused it to run out of stock

"I've never hated anything like this in my life": This is one of the favorite reactions of Sara Requena, the proud designer and presenter of Tinye Swim, to the viral video in which she models the outrageous La Isla model. "There's nothing for it," she responded to the statement in another video in which she handed out scores to selected responses. But Requena knows she's the one who's supposed to say thank you to all the hitters: thanks to them Half Tiktok is now talking about her brand, and the model in question - the one that thousands of respondents wondered who the hell you could and would like to wear - is completely out of stock. There are many ways to describe the two thin strips that have elicited so much emotion from so many people, and they are all quite effective - from "flossing ass" through slingshot to "**" to "Borat in Sports' Illustrated". This is something that is technically defined as a full swimsuit, but in practice reveals much more than any bikini in the groin, buttocks and chest districts.

In the most viral video in the session, which stands at more than two million views, the designer demonstrates exactly how to wear this challenging project and makes it look pretty simple. The truth is that there is a rather sophisticated design trick here and a trendy minimalist aesthetic: two thin straps that are worn on the back in a crossover, a bit like a satchel. The thread comes in three color combinations - we especially liked the orange with the azure - and costs 62 dollars, which is about 213 shekels, not including shipping. According to our estimate, this means about ten shekels per centimeter, but to make sure we will have to join the waiting list.

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