Why tiny bikinis will be the next big trend

Why tiny bikinis will be the next big trend

We've all seen it. Celebrities from Kylie and Kendall Jenner to Addison Rae have all made the switch to thong bikinis! Trend forecasters all over the world predict this to be the hottest trend for summer 2021. Thong bikinis are now more accessible and accepted than ever. The body positive movement that exploded in the past few years thanks to Instagram revealed that all women should feel confident showing off their bodies, no matter what it looks like. Every day more and more girls are challenging the ideal that small bikinis with less coverage are "inappropriate" and instead are taking ownership of their bodies and flaunting what they have! This summer, tiny bikinis in fun, bright colors and crazy patterns will be all over pinterest and our Instagram feeds.

Minimal tan lines and maximum comfort is what we're all about this summer season. We can't wait to hit the beach!

Below you'll find links to some of our favorite affordable and fun tiny bikinis to rock this summer.

001 Set in Opora - Tinye Swimwear


001 Set in Acan - Tinye Swimwear 

001 Set in Aussie - Tinye Swimwear


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